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Brainstorm in a nutshell

In this tool you collect input from the participants. Each participant can add ideas and respond to the ideas of others. The topics for the brainstorming can be predefined.

When do you use the Brainstorm?

Because you can set the topics for the brainstorming yourself you are able to apply the tool in many different ways. Some examples:

  • Identify at the beginning of the process of strategy development what your key questions are. Put the following questions to the participants:
    • Imagine: you stand before an omniscient oracle. You can ask only one question about the future. What question would that be?
    • What keeps you awake at night?
  • Collect input from the participants prior to a session. That way you immediately can dive deep into the matter during the session itself.
  • Have participants in a session enter input with laptop or tablet on the table. Then the brainstorm is directly digitized.