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Business Model Creator

Business Model Creator in a nutshell

In this tool you create your business model in 4 steps:

  1. Brainstorm: collect the input for the 9 building blocks.
  2. Refine: process the input from the brainstorm into a logical business model. Refine formulations and make choices. Ask your colleagues or externals you collaborate with for feedback to refine your business model.
  3. Deep dive: analyze your business model and get more insight in your distinctiveness or vulnerability.
  4. Define actions: define actions to strengthen or renew your business model.

When do you use the Business Model Creator?

You can use the Business Model Creator in two ways:

  • Describe your current business model. You’ll get more insight in the essence of your current organization.
  • Describe your future business model. In doing so you concretize your vision for the future. You can also develop different alternatives to compare.

You can apply the Business Model Creator several times, so you can describe your current as well as your future business model.

The model: Business model canvas

How do you create added value for customers? How do you deliver that value? And how do you profit by it? The business model of an organization gives the answer to all these questions.d

The business model canvas consists of 9 building blocks that together describe the business model of your organization:
9 building blocks: customer segments, value proposition, channels, customer relationships, revenue streams, people and resources, key activities, key partners and cost structure.

Business Model Canvas by (CC BY-SA 3.0)