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OGSM Strategy Creator

OGSM Strategy Creator in a nutshell

OGSM stands for Object, Goals, Strategies and Measures. Together they give a good picture of what drives the organization, how success is measured, what choices the organization makes and how these choices are reflected in actions. Where it says ‘organization’ you can also read ‘business unit’ or ‘department’. Whenever or wherever strategic plans are being made you can use OGSM.

In this tool you create your strategy in 3 steps according to the OGSM model:

  1. Brainstorm: determine your ambition, translate this into concrete goals, make strategic choices, think about what actions you will take and how you will measure progress.
  2. Refine: process the input from the brainstorm into a logical strategy. Tighten up formulations and make choices. Ask feedback from your colleagues or externals you collaborate with to tighten up your strategy.
  3. Implement: implement the actions of the OGSM strategy and monitor the progress.

When do you use the OGSM Strategy Creator

Strategy can be found on many levels within an organization. The organization of course has a strategy, but this is (if it’s good) translated to other parts (departments or business units). You can use the OGSM Strategy Creator on all those levels.

The great value of OGSM is in the overview. At a glance you can see the shared ambition, what choices you make and how you will realize your ambition.  A strategy according to OGSM is easy to communicate and to understand.