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Together building the future of your organization

The toolkit contains three components:

  1. Inspiration
  2. Tools
  3. Interaction

1. Inspiration: stories and models that inspire you to improve or renew your organization

Think of trends, future scenarios, branch research, cases of other organizations, blogs with opinions on actuality, descriptions of management models etc.

Use this knowledge to refine your business model, to determine your strategy or define actions.

The inspiration is accessible to all users of the toolkit.

2. Tools: start working to improve or renew your organization

The tools make proven insights and models practicable. Think of business model canvas, kanban, OGSM, the Golden Circle (Why-How-What), scenario planning, SWOT etc. Not all the models are available yet, but we are working continuously to expand the range.

You can easily add new tools yourself with the button ‘New tool’. Each tool has its own practical guide explaining the model and how to use it.

3. Interaction: communicate and collaborate

Respond to articles, ask questions and give answers. Comments on the inspiration in the toolkit are visible to all other users.
In the tools you collaborate with a group of people (colleagues, external experts or consultants). All information, comments, ideas can only be seen by this group.

A group is a private place in the toolkit. Think of it as a private party where you are only allowed with an invitation. A group may be an organization, a department or a branch.

Brainstorm, ask feedback on (interim) results, ask questions and post status updates.

Within the group you collaborate and communicate with each other. Invite colleagues and external experts and consultants to collaborate with you. The invitation contains a personal message and a username and password.

You can also remove users easily from your group.